Arale and Obotchaman

Arale and Obotchaman, the androids of Dr. Slump

An android is a robot that is disguised to look like a human. Arale and Obotchaman are androids.


Arale meets Major Metallitron in Penguin Village in Dragon Ball: Origins 2

In Dragon Ball, there are shown to be many more androids that exist, mostly made by the Red Ribbon Army. In the Nintendo DS game Dragon Ball: Origins 2, Android 8 visits Senbei Norimaki in Penguin Village to remove the bomb implanted in his chest. Also in the game, Major Metallitron takes a long walk after his defeat at Muscle Tower and arrives at Penguin Village, where he meets King Nikochan and his servant. He befriends them and tries to help them settle accounts with Arale Norimaki, but Arale defeats him. She puts Metallitron's head on her body to celebrate her victory.