Ankoo loses her lens

Anko is a girl who looks like Arale Norimaki. She appears in "Discover The Countryside".


Anko comes to Penguin Village with her best friend Nonko to enjoy the fresh cool air of the countryside. Both girls are very surprised by the naivety of the locals. Anko loses her lens after being shocked seeing a living poop, and she is obliged to put her glasses. Senbei Norimaki mistakes her for Arale Norimaki and attacks her, thinking she is doing truancy. Senbei then realizes that it is Sunday. Gatchan and Nekotora-7 then play with Anko, thinking she is Arale. They inure her, and then take her to the Norimaki Residence for Senbei to repair her, still thinking she is Arale.

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