Arale's Big Change
Arale's big change
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 31
Volume: 3
Kanzenban Volume: 2
Kanji Title:
Rōmaji Title:
Translated Title:
Release Date: 1981
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation: Arale's Big Change!!
Remake Anime Adaptation:
Chapter Chronology
Previous: Earth SOS!: Part 2
Next: Hello, Wonder Island

"Arale's Big Change" is the 31st chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.



Arale acts like a normal little girl

While digging, Mole Cricket jumps into Arale Norimaki's mouth while she is sleeping, thinking it is a giant hole. While he inside her body, Mole Cricket causes Arale to malfunction, making her act like a normal little girl. After he gets out of her body, Arale becomes weird again. Senbei Norimaki then spends the night looking for Mole Cricket in the grass.

Dr. Slump vol. 3 chapters
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