Arale is Born
Dr. Slump Remake episode
Episode №: 1a
Airdate: November 26, 1997
Japanese Title: アラレ誕生!!
Rōmaji: Arare Tanjou!!
Manga Counterpart: The Birth of Arale!
Original Anime Counterpart: Arale's Birth
Next: Let's Go to School
Episode List

Arale is Born!! is the first episode of the Dr. Slump Remake.


On a stormy night, Senbei Norimaki is in the middle of creating an attractive teenage maid android to serve him, but lightning hits his house, causing his machines to malfunction and insteads creates a weird, short, near-sighted girl named Arale.


Character Name Voice Actor
Senbei Norimaki (Debut) Yūsaku Yara
Arale Norimaki (Debut) Taeko Kawata
Mountain (Debut) None
The Sun (Debut) Shinichirō Ōta
Kinoko Salad (Debut) Noriko Uemura
Suppaman (Debut) None
Akane Kimidori (Debut) Hiroko Konishi
Taro Soramame (Debut) Shinichirō Ōta
Peasuke Soramame (Debut) None
Gala (Debut) Nobuhiko Kazama
Pagos (Debut) Michio Nakao

Differences from the Original Adaption

  • In the original, Senbei meant to make Arale as a little girl and made her by hand on a sunny day.
  • The Mountain, Sun, Akane, Taro, Peasuke, Kinoko and Suppaman were introduced earlier in this version.
  • In this version, Arale ran loose in Penguin Village destroying several buildings such as the Salad Residence and Briefers while Senbei went to get Arale clothes. Also Senbei is not shown at The Store getting Arale clothes on screen in this version.
  • Arale met Gala and Pagos differently in this version. She destroyed their car while they were chasing Akane and Taro on a road.

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