Baragon (バラゴン) is a fictional Kaiju (Japanese giant monster) that was first featured in the 1965 Toho-produced film Frankenstein Conquers the World. It makes cameo appearances in Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball.


Baragon has big ears, big eyes, a horn on his forehead and fangs. He has dark green skin in Dragon Ball, but in the Godzilla series he has purple/pink skin. A Baragon toy can be seen in Dr. Monster's King Gidora Mansion in the chapter "Dr. Monster". Baragon makes a brief appearance running behind the Norimaki Residence in the Dr. Slump chapter "Goo Ga Senbei". It makes an appearance in the Dragon Ball episode "Milk Delivery", as Krillin talks about the World Martial Arts Tournament. Later, in the episode "Master Thief, Hasky", Baragon is seen at Capsule Corporation scaring the police officer that led Goku to the building. In this episode, only his head is visible and his skin is black.

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