Here Comes Arale!
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 2
Volume: 1
Kanzenban Volume: 1
Kanji Title:
Rōmaji Title: Oooosu!
Translated Title: Heeeey!
Release Date: 1980
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation: Hey! Friends
Remake Anime Adaptation: Let's Go to School
Chapter Chronology
Previous: The Birth of Arale!
Next: Something's Missing!
Here Comes Arale! is the second chapter to the Dr. Slump manga series. It was first published together with the first chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump 1980 #5/6, because the first chapter was too short for a Jump series premiere.


The cover features Arale playing with remote controlled toys of Senbei, Akane, Taro and Peasuke.



Akane and Arale

Arale Norimaki ends up starting her first day at Penguin Village Junior High with Midori Yamabuki being her teacher. While at school, Arale is seated next to Akane Kimidori who gets annoyed with Arale. Outside, Senbei Norimaki ends up taking Aoi Kimidori to the movies to see "Nekotoraman vs. Nekotora-7". During school, the teachers are amazed with Arale's intellectual and physical abilities. After school is over, Arale follows Akane to her other friends Taro Soramame and Peasuke Soramame. Taro gains respect for Arale when he sees that she is really strong and allows her to come with them. They are soon pulled over by Gala and Pagos. Senbei gets a call from the police to pick up Arale and her friends.




Dr. Slump Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
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