The many characters of Dr. Slump

Dr.slump the end

Many characters of Dr. Slump remake

This is a list of all the characters that have appeared in the Dr. Slump series.


Penguin Village

Norimaki Residence

Norimaki Residence
SenbeiS12 Arale king kong GatchanJumping MidoriS2 TurboS4
Senbei Norimaki Arale Norimaki Gatchan #1 & 2 Midori Norimaki Turbo Norimaki
Nitro Alarmclock K-9robot Time sliiiperrrr Reality machine
Nitro Norimaki Alarm Clock K-9 Robot Mr. Time Reality Machine
Barberman Supermechapingpong Furnace Mr. Video Fairy Tale Machine
Barberman Super Mecha "Ping-Pong" Furnace Mr. Video Fairy Tale Machine
Lighter SuperLazyMachine Announcer Norimaki Toilet
$1 Lighter Mr. Handy The Announcer Norimaki Toilet

Kimidori Family

Coffee Pot
Akane Aoi Kon Murasaki Face Aoicat
Akane Kimidori Aoi Kimidori Kon Kimidori Murasaki Kimidori Aoi's Cat
Female tori-bot remake Tsut Coffee Pot Phone
Miss Akiko Tsukutsun Tsun (Future) Coffee Pot Phone

Soramame Family

Soramame Barber Shop
Taro PeasukeS Kurikinton MameS2 Peasukesfish
Taro Soramame Peasuke Soramame Kurikinton Soramame Mame Soramame Peasuke's Fish

Tsun Family

Reh Tsu Goh
Tsut Tsururin 334 Tsuruten Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo
Tsukutsun Tsun Tsururin Tsun Tsuruten Tsun Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun

Sarada Family

Sarada Residence
Kinoko Mr. Sarada Mrs. Sarada Retasu Kinoko Radio
Kinoko Sarada Mr. Sarada Mrs. Sarada Retasu Sarada Kinoko's radio
Kinoko Boots Sarada Stopwatch
Kinoko's Boots Sarada Stopwatch

Penguin Village Police Force

Penguin Village Police Force
Gyaosu Gala dragonball Pagos Pollybuckets Dropkun
Gyaosu Gala Pagos Polly Buckets Drop-kun
TaroSoramame01 Charmyyamada
Taro Soramame Charmy Yamada

Penguin Village Middle School

Penguin Village Middle School
Headmasterreplace Midori PE Teacher Junior High Referee School Announcers
Principal Midori Yamabuki P.E. Teacher Referee School Announcers
Senbei's Teacher
Senbei's Teacher
Yamabuki's Class
Arale king kong Akane PeasukeS Nejishiki Momotaro
Arale Norimaki Akane Kimidori Peasuke Soramame Nejishiki Momotaro
Frankenstein Vampire Student Female Student Bald Kid Rat dr.slump
Frankenstein Vampire Student Female Student Bald Kid Rat
Ultraman Student Robot Student Braided Student Scoppe Gamera
Ultra Jiro-kun Robot Student Volleyball Team Captain Skop Gamera
MusashiMiyamoto Dodongadon
Musashi Miyamoto Dodongadon
Other Students
Taro 2 Taro Admirers Big Boss Hiyoko Middle School Senbei
Taro Soramame Taro's Admirers Big Boss Hiyoko Senbei Norimaki
Track Captain Aralecluboffers Chubby Baseball Club Member Braided Student Rugby Club
Track Team Captain Sumo Club Captain Chubby Baseball Team Member Volleyball Team Captain Rugby Team
Boxing Club Flower Arrangement Club Swim Team Sukeban Deka Club Kendo Club
Boxing Club Flower Arrangement Club Swimming Team Sukeban Deka Fan Club Kendo Club
Soccer Club Freestyle Wrestling Club Tennis Club Gymnastics Karate Club
Soccer Team Freestyle Wrestling Club Tennis Team Gymnastics Karate Club
Basketball Team Judo Club Accounting Club Team Med Mafia Club
Basketball Team Judo Club Accounting Club Team Med Mafia Club
Night Club Research Club Kanta P-Man Pman Fairy
Night Club Kazuhiko Torishima Kanta P-Man P-Man's fairy
Tomato(ToriyamaMangaTheaterCover) InspectorSlump
Akai Tomato Slump

Penguin Village High School

Penguin Village High School
DaigoroKurigashira Pig 2
Daigoro Kurigashira Oinkety Oink
Arale king kong Akane PeasukeS Rat dr.slump Frankenstein
Arale Norimaki Akane Kimidori Peasuke Soramame Rat Frankenstein
MusashiMiyamoto Nejishiki GatchanJumping Tsut Obotchaman
Musashi Miyamoto Nejishiki Gatchan Tsukutsun Tsun Obotchaman
Taro 2 Tsururin 334 Gokuremake
Taro Soramame Tsururin Tsun Son Goku

Mashirito Army

Mashirito Army
Mashirito Nikochan anime2 Nikochan's servent anime Suppaman Dr Mashirito Jr
Dr. Mashirito King Nikochan King Nikochan's servant Suppaman Dr. Mashirito Jr.
Caramel Men
Caramel man 001 manga Caramel man 002 Obotchaman Caramel6 Caramel man 007 remake
Caramel Man 001 Caramel Man 002 Caramel Man 004 Caramel Man 006 Caramel Man 007
Caramelman22 Abalechan
Caramel Man 022 Abale

Other Residents




Metropolis Island

Wonder Island

Other Earthlings

Sky Ogres

Time Travel



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