Metropolis Island: Part 1
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Chapter #: 73
Volume: 6
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Metropolis Island: Part 1 is the 73rd chapter of the Dr. Slump manga. Its sequel is "Metropolis Island: Part 2".



The gang at Metropolis Island

Senbei Norimaki is invited by the Metropolis Island TV station SPA19 to show one of his inventions on TV. Suddenly, he remembers rumors stating that he city is particularly scary. Not wanting to return there, he creates Mecha Senbei, a robot that he controls staying at the Norimaki Residence. After an announce to the whole Penguin Village that Senbei will be seen on a TV show soon, Mecha Senbei, Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, Chivil, and Oinkety Oink travel to Metropolis Island on Taxi Dragon's back. Upon their arrival, Chivil kills a few people because he thinks there is too much noise. Then, Arale plays with a bus, stating that she has found a big toy. Senbei tells her to throw it, and she throws the bus onto a building, destroting both. Despite stating that has already visited the city when he was a kid, Senbei and his friends are eventually obliged to take a Taxi to find the TV station, which crashes when Arale shows poop on a stick to the driver.

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