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Monsters Night of Fear
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 5
Volume: 1
Kanzenban Volume:
Kanji Title: 恐怖のモンスターズ・ナイトの巻
Rōmaji Title: Kyōfu no monsutā naito no maki
Translated Title: Monsters Night of Fear
Release Date: 1993
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation:
Remake Anime Adaptation:
Chapter Chronology
Previous: Follow the Rescued Shark...
Next: Suppaman's Mast is Stolen or is it!?

Monsters Night of Fear is the fifth chapter of the Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While series.


The kids of Penguin Village try to scare their parents at a graveyard while dressed as monsters.




  • The design of Akane in her vampire costume was later used as the character Vandora in the 9th Dr. Slump film.

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