Penguin Gran Prix, Part 1
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Chapter #: 94
Volume: 8
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Penguin Gran Prix, Part 1 is the 94th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.



Suppaman listens to Akira Toriyama

For the second birthday of the series, Akira Toriyama holds a race. The contestants Suppaman using a skateboard, Senbei Norimaki using the Let's Go-mobile, Taro Soramame using a hoverbike, King Nikochan and his servantusing a stroller, Arale Norimaki using her feet, Midori Yamabuki using a car (she plans to cheat with Akane Kimidori), Dr. Mashirito using Caramel Man 002, Kinoko Sarada using an improved tricycle, Little Fukusuke running, and Parzan using a big frog as his vehicle.

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