Penguin Village Wars, Part 2
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 102
Volume: 8
Kanzenban Volume: 7
Kanji Title:
Rōmaji Title:
Translated Title:
Release Date:
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation:
Remake Anime Adaptation:
Chapter Chronology
Previous: Penguin Village Wars, Part 1
Next: Penguin Village Wars, Part 3

Penguin Village Wars, Part 2 is the 102nd chapter of the Dr. Slump manga. It is the sequel to "Penguin Village Wars, Part 1", and it is followed by "Penguin Village Wars, Part 3".


At the Planetary Defense Academy base, Suppaman wonders who Oinkety Oink is and asks him his secret. Oinkety Oink then reveals that his secret is that he loves Hanako. Meanwhile, Dr. Mashirito decides to get allies to confront the Planetary Defense Academy and recruits King Nikochan and King Nikochan's servant. In Penguin Village, the Mashirito Army destroys the Sarada Residence to bring the Planetary Defense Academy. Their wish is granted when Kinoko Sarada decides to post a letter to the Suppaman's faction. The next day, Planetary Defense Academy receives Kinoko's letter and begins to move, on a cart called Sky Turbo, which is pulled by Arale Norimaki.

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