Piccolo Jr.
Demon Junior
Ma Jr.
Ma Junior


Male Male

Date of birth

753 Age (Dragon Ball Timeline)


Katas (Grandfather)
King Piccolo (father/bad incarnation)
Kami (father/good incarnation)
Piano (brother)
Tambourine (brother)
Cymbal (brother)
Drum (brother)
Nail (fusee)
Cell (modified clone)
Dr. Mashirito (fusee)


"The Fist of Son Goku"


"Lost and Found"

Piccolo is a member of the alien race the Namekians from the Dragon Ball series. He is the reincarnation and final son of the original King Piccolo.


Birth and Revenge Attempt on Goku

Piccolo was born from an egg that King Piccolo spit out during his final moments after being killed Son Goku when he launched himself through his chest. Once the egg was hatched, he trained for three years for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament to get revenge of Goku. During the tournament, he beat his way to the finals in a matches against Kuririn and Kami who was borrowing the body of a human named Shen. Piccolo fought Goku in the finals and was defeated, but was spared because if he died then Kami would die making the Dragon Balls inactive.

Becoming a Hero

After his defeat against Goku, Piccolo trained to plot his revenge on him, but ends up teaming up with him five years later when Goku's brother Raditz comes to Earth. After Raditz defeat, Goku dies and Piccolo must train his kid, Son Gohan for the battle against some of the remaining members of Saiyan race in a year while they wait for Goku to be revived with the Dragon Balls. During the next battle, Piccolo dies and goes to otherworld to train under King Kai alongside Goku's allies Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Chaozu. Piccolo is revived by the dragon Porunga when Gohan, Kuririn, Bulma and Goku are on Piccolo's homeworld of Planet Namek, only to be forced into battle against the galactic tyrant Freeza. While on Namek, he improves his strength by fusing with a fallen Namekian warrior named Nail, but still has trouble against Frieza and is saved when Goku steps into battle. After the battle against Freeza, Piccolo and the others are transported back to Earth while they wait for Goku to return to Earth who stayed behind to fight Freeza.

Piccolo still puts his revenge on hold even when Goku returns as they are forced to train together to prepare for a battle against some androids built from the former Red Ribbon Army scientist Dr. Gero that was giving as a warning from an alternate future incarnation of Trunks. While the battle against the androids is underway, Piccolo ends up encountering a genetically engineered lifeform made of the DNA from many of Goku's previous allies and enemies. When retreating to Kami's lookout, Piccolo fuses back with Kami whom his father was originally part of abandoning all of his evil ambitions. After Cell's defeat at the "Cell Games" from Gohan, Piccolo official stands as a hero and protector of Earth. Seven years later, Piccolo dies when he gets left on Earth which gets destroyed from a blast by Kid Buu, but then gets revived by the Dragon Balls as Goku defeats him.

Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While


Gatchan dressed up as Piccolo.

On the cover of the 11th chapter of Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While, Gatchan is shown dressed up as Piccolo.

Video Game Appearances

Piccolo appears as a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. He is also playable in both of the Jump Stars series games: Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars. In Jump Super Stars, he can perform a fusion with Dr. Mashirito to create an unnamed fusion of Piccolo and Dr. Mashirito.

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