Plans to Build a New House!
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 9
Volume: 1
Kanzenban Volume:
Kanji Title: 新しい家を建てよう!の巻
Rōmaji Title: Atarashī ie o tateyou! no maki
Translated Title: Plans to Build a New House!
Release Date: 1993
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation:
Remake Anime Adaptation:
Chapter Chronology
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Plans to Build a New House! is the ninth chapter of the Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While series.


One of Senbei's experiments ends up blowing up the Norimaki Residence and now the family tries to decide how they want their house to rebuilt.





There are many inconsistencies with this chapter in regards to continuity.

  • King Kai makes an appearance with a Halo over his head meaning this would have had to take place after Cell's defeat in the Dragon Ball series but by that point all of the characters would have been significantly older than they would be even in the 10 Years future visit.
  • Arale, Akane and Peasuke's class still attend Penguin Village High School which at this point would have graduated from since they were seniors at the end of the original series and this series takes place at least over a year since its ending.
  • Son Goten is seen attending Arale's high school class who is at least 35 years younger than most of the students in that class. Goten also is still looks the same way he does in Dragon Ball's Buu saga which he was 7 years old in so he wouldn't be in High School anyways.