Riders at Dawn
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 64
Volume: 6
Kanzenban Volume:
Kanji Title: 夜明けの暴走族の巻
Rōmaji Title: Yoake no Bousouzoku no Maki
Translated Title:
Release Date:
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation:
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Riders at Dawn (夜明けの暴走族の巻 Yoake no Bousouzoku no Maki) is the 64th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.


This chapter introduces the Fly Milk gang, three bikers who deliver milk in Penguin Village. Arale Norimaki and Gatchan decide to be part of their gang, which surprises the boss. To enter the gang, they have to pass a test: catching a crawfish barehanded. Since the boss was to scared to show them how to catch the crawfish, he accepts the two kids without them having to pass the test. The next day, at 5 o'clock, the gang start their milk delivery job with the two new members. While working, they meet the Mosquito Milk gang, their rivals. A battle begins: the members of the two gangs confront each other playing at several different games, instead of actually fighting. The chapter ends as Oinkety Oink remarks how peaceful Penguin Village is.

Title Page Message

There is a message on the bottom of the title page, written in Japanese with Latin letters. Translated into English, it reads:

Shameless plug: Buy Dr. Slump volume 4! / Watch Slump on TV and increase the ratings! / Read Hiswashi's "Ranchou Children" in [Weekly Jump 1981] #19! / Read manga by Hideharu Akaza-sensei, Mei Mizuhoshi-sensei, Nachi Mikami-sensei, Chieko Takaoka-sensei, and Shizu Makuri-sensei! (They treated me to dinner recently, so I'll waive the advertising fee. Come to think of it, Hiswashi hasn't given me anything....) / Sora Oda-sensei, thank you for your manga volume! / Hi, Yanagimoto-san! / Motoka Murakami-sensei, thank you for your signed illustration! Hiswashi was also delighted!

Of the things mentioned, both Dr. Slump volume 4 and the Dr. Slump anime had come out that month (April 1981). Toriyama's assistant Hiswashi (Hisashi Tanaka) won a second place Akatsuka Award in 1980, and then was able to draw a special one-shot for Weekly Shōnen Jump 1981 #19 (the issue after the one this chapter was published in) presumably in recognition of that. The people Toriyama went to dinner with were all manga artists, and one of them in particular -- Nachi Mikami -- later married him in May 1982. (In an interview with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi on Tetsuko's Room, broadcast on 04 May 1983, he claimed that this is where they first properly met.) Sora Oda is a shōjo manga artist, who interviewed Toriyama later that year for the October and November 1981 issues of Ribon . Finally, Motoka Murakami is a manga artist who is now best known for the series Jin , although his works at the time, apart from Red Pegasus, are relatively obscure.

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