Rocky title page

Rocky (ロッキー) is a seven page Dr. Slump spin-off by Akira Toriyama, released in July 1989. Arale Norimaki appears in this story.


The main protagonist of this story, Rocky, looks like Suppaman, a recurring character in Akira Toriyama's manga. He drives a race car, and is committing speeding in series. At one point, he meets Arale and tries to lose her. The girl manages to catch him and puts a poop on his head. Eventually, Rocky loses his car in a car accident and the story ends.


Rocky was released in July 1989, in Dōjinshi Neko Jū Jisha to Sono Yūjin-tachi, a 185 page book that is a collection of original of short stories made by several different manga artists. Rocky was never published outside of this singular book.

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