Teacher's Coming!
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Chapter #: 19
Volume: 2
Kanzenban Volume:
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Original Anime Adaptation: The Teacher is Coming!
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Teacher's Coming! is the 19th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.



Senbei preapres for the teacher's visit

Arale Norimaki comes back from school and tells Senbei Norimaki that her teacher is coming. Thinking she refers to Midori Yamabuki, Senebi goes to the Soramame Barber Shop, but Kurikinton Soramame is not there. Back home, he creates Barberman, a robot whose purpose is to give haircuts. He then prepares the house and dresses nice. When the teacher finally arrives, it is revealed that the teacher Arale was talking abaout is in fact the Penguin Village Junior High Principal who Senbei to repair his watch.


  • The fish flying in a wetsuit on the cover of this chapter previously appeared in Wonder Island, Akira Toriyama's first published manga.

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