The Biggest Bye'cha of All: Part Two is the 83rd chapter of the Dr. Slump manga. It is the sequel to "The Biggest Bye'cha of All: Part One".


One of the invaders, Hoi Kwen, operates the Mobile-Suit Farca and starts the invasion of Earth, landing in Penguin Village. As he aims his Hyper Baygon Bazooka at the Coffee Pot, Arale Norimaki attacks and destroys the robot, wanting to play pro-wrestling. At the Norimaki Residence, Gatchan plays with the Big-Small Ray Gun and turns Senbei Norimaki into a giant. When the two other invaders come to help Hoi Kwen, they are frightened by Senbei. The three invaders then leave Earth.

Dr. Slump vol. 7 chapters
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