The Mysterious Egg
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 11
Volume: 1
Kanzenban Volume: 1
Kanji Title:
Rōmaji Title:
Translated Title:
Release Date: 1980
English Release:
Original Anime Adaptation: What's with the Egg?!
Remake Anime Adaptation: The Strange Baby
Chapter Chronology
Previous: The Time Slipper
Next: Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?

The Mysterious Egg, also called Surprise Egg!, is the 11th chapter to the Dr. Slump manga.



The prehistoric Soramame ancestor with Senbei's lighter

Senbei Norimaki, Arale Norimaki and Peasuke Soramame use the Time Slipper to take a trip to the prehistoric ages, where meet a Prehistoric Soramame Ancestor who gives them a mysterious egg in exchange for Senbei's lighter. Back at the Norimaki Residence, the egg hatches Gatchan.

Dr. Slump Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
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