The Ponpoko Morph Gun
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Chapter #: 20
Volume: 2
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Chapter Chronology
Previous: Teacher's Coming!
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The Ponpoko Morph Gun is the 20th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.



Arale aims the Ponpoko Gun at Senbei

Senbei Norimaki creates the Ponpoko Morph Gun and tests it on Arale Norimaki, turning her into a television screen. He then tests it on Gatchan, turning him into a pig. Arale then uses it to turn a cockroach into Senbei, and Senbei into a frog. As a revenge, Senbei turns Arale into a fly. The doctor then uses the Ponpoko Morph Gun to increase the size of his lunch. Arale has then the idea to make the doctor more good-looking and turns him into a monster similar to Godzilla, as she thinks that Godzilla is beautiful.

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