Tsuruten Tsun



Tsun Tsuruten


Male Male



Date of birth

30 October


Plub Pah-Tui, China
Reh Tsu Goh Flying Squirrel Dr. Penguin Village, Gengoro Island (1983-sometime after 1985)




Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun (wife)
Tsururin Tsun (daughter)
Tsukutsun Tsun (son)


Here Comes the Tsuns (manga)


Here Comes the Tsuns (episode)


Hiroshi Ohtake


Kouji Yada

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Tsuruten Tsun is a supporting character in Dr. Slump who makes a minor appearance in Dragon Ball. He is a lecherous inventor from China who is a good friend and neighbor of Senbei. He is the husband of Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo and father of Tsururin and Tsukutsun.


Tsuruten is an old man that wears large glasses and has a small toothbrush moustache. He wears a Chinese martial arts uniform, which consists of a sleeveless green jacket over a long sleeved blue shirt, and wears a striped red and yellow hat.


Tsuruten is a lecherous pervert but to a much larger scale then Senbei to the point where he avoids all morality even going as far as sneaking a peek at his own daughter Tsururin's Panties while she is sleeping.

Dr. Slump

Tsun Family Space Trip

Tsuruten driving the Reh Tsu Goh

Tsuruten invented the spaceship the Reh Tsu Goh and launched it into space with his family hoping to start a new life on the Moon but as it was passing Penguin Village, Arale Norimaki shot it down with a N'cha Cannon causing them to crash and become neighbors to the Norimaki Residence. During this time, Tsuruten became friends with Senbei Norimaki and as a fellow inventor helped in trying to repair the Reh Tsu Goh.

Dragon Ball


Tsuruten in Dragon Ball

In the manga, he is shown making peace signs with Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo when Tsukutsun tells them to stop. In the anime, he is shown standing near a coffee shop by himself while General Blue and Goku fly over Penguin Village.

Future Life

Sometime after their kids graduated Penguin Village High School and got married, Tsuruten along with Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo moved back to China.[1].

Other Media

Dr. Slump remake


Tsuruten in the remake along with his wife

In the 1997 remake, the colors of Tsuruten's clothes are changed. When he hears about the Dragon Balls,he secretly hides with his wife to try to get the wish, but Dr. Mashirito snatches the balls before anyone was able to summon Shenlong.

Video game appearance


  1. Dr. Slump chapter 200, "N'cha, Penguin Village Ten Years from Now!"

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