Witchy Gone Wild
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Chapter #: 77
Volume: 7
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Witchy Gone Wild is the 77th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.


Arale Norimaki, Gatchan and Oinkety Oink play boxe in the Norimaki Residence before Senbei Norimaki scolds them. Arale then offer ice cream to Senbei, that she made from Gatchan's poop. Chivil then arrives on Taxi Dragon to tell that his older sister Witchpee will come to Penguin Village. Soon, Witchpee arrives flying in a fighter and destroys the Norimaki Residence. Immediatly, she falls for Senbei and begins to act as Arale and Gatchan's stepmother. Before Senbei can tell her that he is in fact in love with Midori Yamabuki, Witchpee falls for Taro Soramame. Later, when the night falls, Witchpee meets and falls for Kurikinton Soramame.




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