Yay! A New Friend
Yay! a new friend
Dr. Slump & Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 27
Japanese Title: ワーイ!新しいお友だち
Rōmaji: Wāi! Atarashī o Tomodachi
Manga Counterpart: Heel, Achilles!
Remake Counterpart: The Doc and the Dog
Previous: The Great Arale-Eye Caper!!
Next: Goodbye, Gatchan!!
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"Yay! A New Friend" is the 27th episode of Dr. Slump & Arale-Chan.


The episode starts out with Senbei Norimaki, Arale Norimaki, Gatchan and Peasuke Soramame playing baseball. Senbei tries to outdue the children and pitches the ball with all of his might. Peasuke lands a lucky blow and the ball is sent flying into some tall grass. Arale and Gatchan go searching for the ball and come back with a puppy. They show the dog to Senbei and he insists that he will not allow the dog to come home with them. He recounts a scene from his childhood when he was alone on the tundra. He came across a dog eating some kind of food and in his hunger got into a fight with the dog over it. He beat the dog until it ran away but when he ate the food he got violently ill. From that day on he hated dogs because that one dog tricked him into eating poisonous food. Senbei gives in when he sees Arale and Gatchan's tears and angry growls.

At first, Senbei hates the dog which he feels is mocking him, but Arale and Gatchan bond heavily with the puppy. In the midst of all of this bonding, Kenta Kuraaku and his girlfriend are riding a hippo-drewn cart through town. His girlfriend does not like this mode of transportation and when a hotshot in a fancy sports car pulls up alongside the cart, she decides to leave Kenta Kuraaku behind. Back at the Norimaki Residence, Senbei is just starting to warm up to the little dog, but tries to fight the affection saying to himself "It's their dog. It's not my dog." Just as he says that the man in the sports car comes flying down the road and smashes into the small bulldog sending him flying. The man, angry about the dent in his car gets out and kicks the helpless and twitching animal for damaging his fancy vehicle. Arale and Gatchan look on with disbelief while Senbei, filled with passion, picks up the sports car and smashes it to pieces on the ground. The family takes the dog to the hospital where he is fixed up in no time, but not without a huge expense to Senbei. The episode ends with Senbei holding his empty wallet remarking how expensive pets are.


Young Senbei

Young Senbei walking home with takoyaki.

Cute tail

Senbei holding the dog that Gatchan brought back instead of a baseball.

Can't keep it

Senbei insisting that they can't keep the dog.

Offering Takoyaki

Young Senbei about to offer takoyaki to a dog.


Young Senbei is horrified after being called a fool.

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